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Thirty Oaks Handicrafts

Bath & Beauty Products

Bath & Beauty Products
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This page will present a complete list of our product lines. You can view products by clicking the product name.  Pictures are not available for all products, but will be added in the weeks to come.

As we add new product lines, we may add additional pages to our site.

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Baby Products
Does your little one have a bummer butt?  Our Diaper Rash Salve is a time proven formula to help heal painful rashes, and protect baby's sensitive skin against further painful outbreaks!  Choose from unscented or baby scent.
Unscented:  Product #_________, Cost:$2.75, Size: _____oz
Baby Soft:  Product #_________, Cost: $2.75, Size: _____oz
Baby's Oil
Use Thirty Oaks Baby's OilHelp keep baby's skin moisturized and to strenghten family bonds with baby massage!  Choose from unscented or baby scent.
Unscented:  Product #_________, Cost:$1.90, Size: _____oz
Baby Soft:  Product #_________, Cost: $1.90, Size: _____oz
Baby's Soap, Bar
Our all natural soap bar is wonderful for skin!  We use only the most skin loving ingredients that help keep moisture in the skin, and is naturally anti-bacterial!  Choose from our "blank bar," which is uncolored and unscented, or our yellow bar, which has a light baby scent and soft yellow color.
Blank Bar:  Product #_________, Cost:$2.00, Size: 4oz
Yellow Bar:  Product #_________, Cost: $2.00 Size: 4oz
Bath Time Secrets
Bath Cookies
Bath Fizzies
Bath Salts
Bubble Bath
Fizzing Bath Salts
Oatmeal Milk Bath
Children's Products
It's good clean fun with these bath buddies!  Choose from a car or a set of three bears!
1 Car: Product#_______, $3.35, _____ oz
3 Bears: Product#_______, $3.35, _____ oz
Kids love to wash up when it means getting to the treasure inside this clear soap!  Choose from yellow ducks, pink roses, or money!
Ducks: Product#_______, $2.30, _____ oz
Roses: Product#_______, $2.30, _____ oz
Money: Product#_______, $2.80, _____ oz
Our newest product is lots of fun for children of all ages!  All the benefits of chocolate without the added pounds, be careful though, it doesn't taste as good as it smells!
Product#_______, $3.25, _______ oz
Dreamy Time Bath Salts
Help induce relaxing thoughts with this lavendar scented bath salts!  They are great for the skin and great to help prepare your little one for bed.
Product#_______, $1.95, _______ oz
Lava Bubble Bath Oil
Science at work in the bath tub!  Different colors in different layers are reminicent of the lava lamp rage from the 70's.  Bath time was never this cool!
Soap Crayons
Cubed shaped soap crayons write on the tub, and children's bodies !  Will not stain tub or skin.  Comes in a set of 4 colors: red, yellow, blue, and green.
Product#_______, $2.25, _______ oz
Tub Fun Finger Paints
Paint on these fun soaps.  Color will wash off skin and tubs!  Set comes with three colors: red, yellow, and blue.  Mix them to make your favorite colors!
Product#_______, $3.45, _______ oz each
Face and Lip Care
Clay Face Mask
This green clay face mask will draw out impurities, and tone skin.  You can feel it tingle while it works!  Antibacterial and firming.  What a wonderful way to indulge!
Product#_______, $3.10, _______ oz
Honey Almond Face Scrub
Gently scrub away the cares of the day.  This product contains honey, and is not appropriate for those with bee or honey allergies.
Product#_______, $3.00, _______ oz
Oatmeal Face Mask
Full Body Treatments
Body Splash
Foot Scrubbers
Massage Cream
Solid Perfume
It's All Suds
Package Deals
Sugar Wax Kit
Product#_______, $5.25
Sugar Wax
Pull Strips
Refreshing Toner
Baby Sampler
Product#_______, $_____
Baby's Bar Soap
Diaper Rash Salve
Baby's Oil
Kid's Tub Fun Kit
Product#_______, $8.30
Bath Buddy of choice
Soap Crayons
Tub Fun Finger Paints
Spa Experience Package
Product#______, $9.00
Clay Facial Mask
Honey Almond Facial Scrub
Bath Salts
After Bath Spray
Just for Him - Coming Soon!
Around the House - Coming Soon!
Paw-Paw Pet Care - Coming Soon!

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